СНПЧ А7 Череповец, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Audit refrigeration systems from a few basic assumptions:
- polish law Prawo Budowlane (DzU No.);
- Prices of electricity and heat;
- The efficiency of the system.

Analysis of the cooling system, supported by practical and theoretical knowledge of refrigeration, thermodynamics, two-phase flows, fluid mechanics.

Each audit is completed elaboration in writing to the analysis:
- the cooling system from the thermodynamic (energy balance);
- correct selection of all components of the cooling system;
- an indication of impact on the business side of the operation;
- analysis of the IR;
- analysis of the operation of the cooling system on the basis of data from the analyzer;
- variants of solutions that improve the economics of the refrigeration system;
- estimate of the proposed changes to the operating costs of the refrigeration system.

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