СНПЧ А7 Череповец, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Mr Arkadiusz Sakowski - refrigeration engineer graduated from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Gdansk  in 1993 .

Graduate refrigeration high school in Gdynia 1988 .

The purpose of refrigeration is to reduce and maintain the temperature below a certain temperature environment of its surroundings .
By lowering and maintaining the temperature at below ambient , it is necessary to remove heat from the environment , and this in turn requires the creation of the center ,
whose temperature is lower than the desired temperature of the environment. The creation of such a center is the task of cooling.

Refrigeration have a wide applications. Refrigeration include the preservation of food with a few main reasons:
- greater durability
- preservation of the natural flavor , nutrients and aromatic by working in a vacuum and ultra- low temperatures
- maintenance of the color of the product .

Extensive use has been to maintain the appropriate cooling technological parameters :
- injection presses for the production of plastics,
- EDM(electron-discharge machining),
- industrial smoking and freezer ovens,
- evaporating dishs , industrial and laboratory,
- sewage treatment plants,
- hatchers chamber,
- freeze-drying,
- and others.

Refrigeration is also maintaining the proper temperature in air-conditioned rooms , control computer , operating rooms , telephone exchanges.


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